4 Reasons to NOT Use a Staffing Agency


There’s too much talent…

Staffing firms have a large pool of qualified candidates and are actively working to find more.  In our database alone, we have well over 2 million qualified candidates. Recruiters have developed relationships with both active and passive candidates to present to you the absolute best solution possible. CaptureYou’ll have real information about the candidate to make a truly informed decision . This sounds way too easy and you definitely should avoid finding a candidate in a timely manner… right?

You’re already an expert?

Take us for example, we’ve been in business for over 20 years; most of our staff has been in the industry for 15+ years as well. All of our recruiters have relationships with industry experts that they can call on at any given time.  Recruiters are expected to keep up with industry trends, staffing laws and new technologies (it’s their job).  By working with a recruiter, you would have someone actively searching to meet your needs. Sounds annoying.. right?

You have tons of free time…

Good recruiting takes time. By the time you get to the interview stage, you’ve already gone through an extensive process of searching and screening numerous candidates including sifting through junk. Passing this process off to an experienced recruiter would mean you would have more time to focus on other important projects. Who even needs MORE time?

You hate saving money…

Although you pay a mark up fee for the candidate, you are saving tons of dollars elsewhere. Staffing companies like EDI Staffing, have partnerships with various job boards including (but not limited to): Monster, CareerBuilder & Indeed, and can find you talent fast. The cost of advertising for employees can get quite expensive. When hiring a consultant from a staffing firm, the firm also assumes statutory burdens such as state mandated paid sick time and other administrative costs. You also can hire consultants for specific projects rather than on-boarding a costly permanent resource. Using a staffing firm gives you the flexibility to complete a project in a cost effective manner.

“We have completed the planned 3-year conversion from all of our legacy EDI systems (around 12 systems – 20 customers – some multiple recurrences) in 2.5 years. I/T has recently received intra company publicity for getting this project done ahead of schedule and on budget. We could not have done it without you guys.”

– I/T Applications Manager, Packaging Solutions Industry
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Couldn’t convince you to not work with us? Try our Competitive Salary Analysis for your open IT/EDI positions. This analysis gives you valuable insight as to whether or not you are in line with both the local and national averages. The wrong salary will attract the wrong candidates. We can help you.


About Gabriella Calise

Gabriella began her career at EDI Staffing in 2014 as the Manager of Marketing and Client Services where she used her passion for social media and technology to connect top IT talent with our client partners. In 2016 Gabriella became the Executive Vice President of EDI Staffing, where she works closely with the President/CEO to find new and inventive ways to assist our clients and candidates. Gabriella oversees the day to day functions of the staff and continues to head our marketing and outreach efforts.

Outside of EDI Staffing, Gabriella teaches Saxophone and Clarinet privately. She enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her family and friends.

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