A Recruiter’s Perspective on IT Supply & Demand


As the summer begins and companies are crunching numbers for their end of year or getting ready for the third quarter, the analysis of supply and demand in the workforce and economy is continually being calculated. I am not an Economic Market Analyst, but as a professional IT Recruiter at EDI Staffing, I see first-hand the ebb and flow of job opportunities. Being that EDI Staffing has been in business for over 20 years, we also have access to industry data portals to better understand the current supply and demand. As an example, last week we published an article around the demand of IT Security Analysts. Not only did we see the job openings first hand, but we had the data to back it up as well.

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QA Analyst openings in NJ from a Career Builder Data report pulled by EDI Staffing on 6/29/2015.


According to career site data analysis reports, from March 2015 – May 2015, in the State of NJ, there were over 4,461 IT related positions open and 1,089 candidates posting resumes seeking new employment. The supply, or candidate pool, in specific technologies, such as Web Developers, were significantly higher than the supply of Information Security Analysts.

Looking at the State of NJ more closely, the Top 3 cities that have been hiring IT talent are Jersey City, Edison and Piscataway with Paramus and Princeton rounding off the Top 5. For Information Technology professionals in the Garden State, the demand for talent covers many commutable areas giving a high likelihood that securing IT employment is possible.

Candidate Supply for QA Analyst positions in NJ pulled by EDI Staffing from the Career Builder Data Portal on 6/29/2015.
Candidate Supply for QA Analyst positions in NJ pulled by EDI Staffing from the Career Builder Data Portal on 6/29/2015.

Nationwide, the highest sought after IT positions in the past three months have been for QA Analysts and Software Engineers. Although the demand is recorded as higher than the candidate pool, companies who are hiring IT talent are often requiring work experience closely relating to the position, with little opportunity for training. Job Descriptions are noting more required skills and less “preferred” or listing a technology as a “plus”. On average, the majority of IT candidates nationally seeking new employment have between 6-10 years of work experience, increasing the likelihood that the amount of acquired skills during the 6-10 years of employment, will closely match the available positions.

Supply and Demand is not a new concept and will continue to be a staple in an ever changing economy. By researching IT employment trends and analyzing the market data, it allows not only for companies forecast hiring and available talent, but it allows IT professionals seeking new employment a better understanding of the available positions in their local market.

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