EDI Specialists 2013 Outlook


First, I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! 2013 is now upon us and we here at EDI Specialists and Key IT are excited, focused and motivated to make it a great year. To kick things off, what better time than now for you to get to know us better?

Some might refer to our company as a “staffing firm” or “agency”.  While this is true for the most part, it’s doesn’t do justice to our services or provide insight as to what we are about on a professional or personal level. Our company has always had a very family-oriented atmosphere.  Many of us  “do work” together outside of the office whether it be attending conferences or events, playing pickup basketball or softball, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying the outdoors in the warmer months or just having a night out on the town.  Our Holiday Party and Summer Cookout are somewhat legendary, if I do say so myself.  Several of my colleagues have been with us for 10 + years while the average tenure of our sales and recruiting team stands at 7 years, impressive!  Almost our entire staff came to us as a referral by someone already with our company.  The “work hard, play hard” philosophy isn’t better represented anywhere.

At EDI Specialists, we pride ourselves on not only achieving the goals of our clients and candidates, but also getting to know you personally and what your interests are.  All of us at EDI Specialists and Key IT strive to be more than a name on a business card; we strive to be a trusted friend and ally in the industry that you can count on.  We have big plans for this year with expanded service offerings and new capabilities that will be detailed in this space (and elsewhere) in the coming months.   The culture that has been built here over 19 years distinguishes us from the rest to be sure.

So as 2013 begins to unfold, and new opportunities inevitably take shape, call us, follow us on Twitter, interact with us on Facebook and get to know us.  It’s our pleasure to help you achieve success this year and beyond.

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