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Social Recruiting Strategies


In a study by Bullhorn, 98 percent of recruiters said they used social media for recruiting in 2012. Additionally, survey respondents claimed that the greatest opportunity for recruiters in 2013 was the “increased access to passive candidates via social media.” As social recruiting has become a popular tactic, companies and recruiters cannot afford to ignore the phenomenon.

Employing social media strategies in some capacity is becoming more and more prevalent in a variety of industries, including staffing and recruiting. For recruiting purposes, social media can be an extraordinary means of reaching people who are actively looking for employment, as well as those who aren’t. As social media is a way for people to connect online, it makes sense for companies and recruiters to participate on social networks to source quality candidates. With the number of people using social media growing every day, companies and recruiters must be active on the same networks to find the best talent.

Social Recruiting Strategy

Many professionals still do not know how or where to begin to use social media for recruiting. A social recruiting strategy can be very different than a brand’s general social approach, as each has separate overall goals. As a result, a social recruiting strategy may not completely align with other company social media efforts, as it requires a different methodology. To help companies develop in-house social recruiting plans of their own, we’re offering a free “Social Recruiting Strategies 101” download. Whether you have begun using social media for recruiting or are just considering it, our free 1-page strategy document features the top tips for success.


The guide includes:

  • 🎯 Tips for developing a social media recruiting strategy
  • 🎯 Multiple social recruiting tactics
  • 🎯 Staffing and recruiting industry insight


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