6 Benefits of Working with an IT Recruiter


With a recruiter on your side, you will have a professional who can help you through the many challenging stages of a job search: the job hunt, interviews, and negotiation process. Other benefits of working with an IT recruiter include:

Benefits of working with an IT recruiter1. Let someone do the leg work for you

Instead of randomly applying to every job posting on Careerbuilder.com, allow someone else to do all of that for you. Recruiters will likely know the human resources managers and/or hiring managers directly, so instead of being another faceless resume in a stack of eager applicants, give the recruiter the chance to sell your skills directly to the people making the hiring decisions. Let them become your coach!

2. Access to opportunities you may not find anywhere else

Many employers work exclusively with recruiters to find the right talent and will not post the position elsewhere. This is increasingly the trend as the market has expanded to accommodate a growing number of those unemployed who are seeking to rebound or switch careers. By working exclusively with a recruiter, hiring companies receive the assurance of a select number of qualified and carefully vetted candidates for review versus an avalanche of unfiltered, and possibly unqualified, candidates that would simply take up time, resources, and effort.

3. You can get great information through your recruiter

A savvy recruiter can provide great insights about trends in your field and in your market, as well as provide a barometer of how much you should/could be earning and other compensation criteria, professional must-have skills, and pass along background on a company’s culture.

4. Better preparation for interviews

Recruiters will have unique insight about the position, company, and interview process, as well as personal tips that you might need to prepare for the first interview. You will come away with a better understanding and assessment of how the employer evaluates candidates including what they consider the most important qualities and the additional criteria they are looking for, so you can highlight these areas of importance. A recruiter is there to coach you through these steps so that you leave a lasting impression with the key decision-makers at the hiring company.

5. Unbiased feedback

Following an interview, your recruiter is in a position to communicate with the company for feedback. How many of us have been through the experience of coming from an interview to only wonder what the next step will be? Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, it will be unbiased, constructive feedback that can help you improve your presentation for future interview opportunities. The recruiter also benefits from this feedback, as they will have a better sense of the right candidates to send over.

6. Better leverage during the negotiation process

When a company is ready to offer you a position, the recruiter can be integral in the process to negotiating the best offer for you. Recruiters typically receive a commission based on a percentage of your salary, so you can feel confident that the recruiter has an incentive to look out for your best interests.

A recruiter can be a trusted resource throughout your career. Even after finding you a job, a recruiter can continue providing market insights and serve as a sounding board. Maintaining a strong business relationship with your recruiter will also give you a head start the next time you’re ready to make a move. We work for you!

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