Work-Life Balance: Can you achieve it?


Does work-life balance exist? Many of us struggle with this on a daily, weekly, and sometimes yearly basis. You wake up with just enough time to get yourself ready for work and when you get home (after fighting traffic), you have an additional list of tasks to take care of. Between families, other commitments, and working most of your week; the idea of work-life balance sort of sounds like attempting to find a Yeti. The problem now-a-days is that it’s actually the norm to be stretching ourselves so thin! I say there’s got to be a way to start enjoying more of your time.  Below you’ll find some practical tips that you can start practicing to help you maintain a better work-life balance, even with a busy life!

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Wake up early

Seriously, try it. Give yourself enough time in the morning to do something for YOU. Make yourself your favorite breakfast, go for a walk, read for pleasure; anything that makes you happy. Instead of rushing around to get things in order for work, make the morning something to look forward to. I know, easier said than done, but it works.


Life can be so busy at times that we forget to take care of ourselves. Build some time to relax into your schedule. You should literally pencil it in. Whether it’s scheduling a 20 minute nap for yourself when you get home from work or catching up on your favorite show, make sure it’s uninterrupted! It sounds simple, but this balance is what some of us lack. It’s when we live unbalanced lives that we start to be less productive.  For me, walking my German Shepherd is one of the most relaxing things after work.  It helps clear my mind before settling in for the night and prepare for the next day.

Say NO

Often times we overbook ourselves because we fear saying “no”.  While I’m not telling you to stop going the extra mile at work or to stop volunteering at your kid’s school; I am telling you, it’s okay to occasionally say no. Learn your limits and when you’ve reached them, it’s time to say that you’re unavailable.


Exercise and Don’t Forget to Eat

Find some time to exercise a few times a week. Contrary to what you may believe, exercise actually boosts energy. Many of us feel exhausted when we get home from work and the gym sounds like the last thing you’d want to do.  Find an activity like Yoga, Pilates or anything that suits your interest to help you relieve some stress.  Don’t forget to eat small meals throughout the day to give your body the fuel it needs to be most productive. Often times, we forget that eating healthy and working out will do wonders for your body and mind.

Keep Hobbies

ALWAYS try to keep the things you enjoy, in your life. Whether its sports, cooking, or seeing new places, this is the spice in your life. Find something to look forward to monthly or even weekly, that doesn’t seem like a task. It could be bowling night with a family member, joining an adult recreational sports league or something completely new you’ve always wanted to take up.

Sadly, work-life balance is a myth to some people.  I’ve worked hard throughout the years to find time for myself, my family and things I enjoy. Slowly but surely, if you eliminate the bad and add some good, you’ll see a difference. While there really is no specific answer that will work for everyone, one thing we can agree on is everyone could use some stress elimination!   Hopefully, some of these tips will spark something in you that will help you to achieve your ideal work-life balance, because it truly does exist. If you are struggling in your personal life, chances are, it’s affecting your professional. If your job doesn’t allow you to have a life, it might be time to start a new job-hunt. 

What are some of your tips to achieve work-life balance?

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