4 IT Positions Expected to Grow the Most in 2016


Current job trends in information technology show that certain jobs will grow more on average throughout 2016, providing great opportunities for job seekers and employers alike. Positioning oneself as the “person for the job” could result in a great new career for job seekers, while employers could put their businesses ahead of the curve by acquiring talent early. Read below to learn more about the top four IT positions going into 2016.


1. Network Systems Analysts

The number of network systems analyst positions is expected to grow by 53.4 percent during 2016. As more companies begin relying on computer networks to make their workers more efficient, hiring managers will need to make sure that they have qualified personnel on staff.

Job candidates vying for these positions will need bachelor’s degrees in a related subject. Additionally, they may want to complete certification programs in:

  • Microsoft MCITP
  • CEH
  • CPT
  • Cisco CCNA
  • CEPT

The more experience they have, they more likely they are to find rewarding positions.

2. Computer Applications Software Engineers

Considering how quickly the use of apps has grown in recent years, it’s not surprising to see that the number of computer application software engineers is also growing.

Professionals with the right skills to work as app engineers can expect to see a 44.6 percent increase in job availability by the end of 2016. Since some companies only need engineers to build specific products, it seems likely that not all of these will be full-time positions. Still, even contract position can give job candidates the experience and skills they need to pursue permanent positions.

3. Computer Software Engineers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of software development jobs to grow by 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. A lot of that growth may take place in 2016, when the number of positions is expected to grow 28.2 percent from the previous year.

Like apps development jobs, a lot of these positions may prefer candidates will to work on contract or contract to hire.

4. Database Administrators

Database administration jobs are expected to grow by 28.6 percent by the end of 2016. As more companies rely on information to make smarter decisions, this will become an increasingly influential job.

Managers looking for hiring tips should consider choosing database administrators who have experience in:

  • Electronic data interchange
  • Upgrading and maintaining databases
  • Following security policies
  • Developing disaster recovery plans


The number of IT jobs will keep growing as more companies adopt new technologies. So far, it’s hard to see an end to this trend. If you need assistance in finding the right candidates for positions such as these, contact EDI Staffing today.


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