Advantages to Hiring a Staffing Agency


Hiring a staffing agency to fill even one position at a business can be a smart move for a company of five or 500. Outsourcing at least a portion of the day-to-day back office tasks provides several advantages to small-business owners, solo entrepreneurs and corporate departments alike.

Frees Up Time

Filling a vacant position can be time-consuming. The process includes recruiting through job postings, reviewing resumes, scheduling and then conducting candidate interviews, checking references, making the selection, completing required paperwork and on-boarding the new employee. The time and energy could better be used to bring a product to market or outreach to new customers.

Fill IT and EDI positions with EDI Staffing

Identify and Clarify Staffing Needs

Small businesses, especially ones just starting out, often aren’t certain about the staff that’s required for daily operations. Even established companies encounter uncertainty when it comes to personnel, especially when embarking on a new project. Using a staffing agency allows for a degree of experimentation with both the number of staff hours needed and the desired skill level. Use of a staffing agency to place IT employees can be particularly useful to businesses that lack technical expertise.

Matches Task to Talent

Staffing agencies specialize in finding employees and in being employers. They keep up with the various changes in the thousands of employment laws. For most businesses, human resources functions are not part of their core skill set. Similarly, IT support and specialized technical knowledge are outside of most businesses’ expertise.

Mitigates the Costs of Bad Hires

Using a staffing agency to fill a position places much of the risk associated with bad hires on the staffing agency rather than the business. If the employment relationship is a temporary or contract one, businesses can simply request the agency find a replacement for someone who is not performing as desired and thus avoid the hassle and headache of having to terminate an employee.

Allows for Rapid Scalability

EDI Staffing has a a pool of candidates ready to start on short notice. Hiring an agency to fill positions, particularly IT-related ones, allows businesses to quickly expand capacity and then scale back as needed. This flexibility especially proves useful for specialized projects such as migrating to a new software system.

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