How Long Does the Professional Staffing Process Take?


Professional IT StaffingIf you’re considering hiring a professional staffing company, you are clearly committed to making a good hire for your company. Professional staffing companies have expertise and experience that will help you find and vet candidates so you’re able to find just the right person for the job.


That said, you may have some questions about the professional staffing process. One question we get asked often is this: How long does it take?


The ultimate answer is a common one: it depends. Filling a position depends on things like the criteria for the position, the number of qualified applicants, the hiring process at the company itself, the competitiveness of the compensation package, and many more variables. Ultimately, however, it’s pretty clear that using a professional staffing company will save you time in the long run.


Why? Consider all the steps required for filling a position.

  • Writing a position/job description
  • Researching competitors and the market to determine fair compensation
  • Researching options for places to post your job description
  • Taking the time (and possibly paying the fees) to post and promote your job description
  • Weeding through applications and resumes, some of which will be submitted by applicants who are clearly not a good fit
  • Carefully looking through your list of viable candidates to narrow it down as much as possible
  • Scheduling and holding initial calls or meetings with these candidates (pre-screening)
  • Preparing interview questions, including creating scoring criteria or a rubric
  • Scheduling interviews, which can take the time of several people on your staff
  • Reviewing each interviewed candidate
  • Checking references
  • Drawing up a job offer and negotiating the terms


Obviously, there is a lot to the hiring process, and this can take up a significant amount of your valuable time.


Using a professional staffing agency will lighten this load considerably, as they are able to narrow your applicant pool quickly and efficiently. Staffing agencies are skilled in knowing what to look for in a candidate, and how to match particular candidates to a company’s needs and requirements.


At EDI Staffing, we have years of experience matching qualified candidates to searching companies. We can find workers to fill temporary, contract, and permanent positions, so that hiring is simpler for you, no matter the need. Our recruiters are specifically trained within their own fields, and we maintain an active database of professionals spanning several different fields. More than this, we also offer Professional Services, which can help with everything from onboarding your new hires, to estimating projects.


In short, it is our business to help your business grow and thrive. To learn more about how EDI Staffing can help meet your professional staffing needs, contact us today.

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