Forecast for the Information Technology Job Market: Quick Facts


As technology becomes ever more ingrained into day-to-day business operations, the need for competent information technology (IT) professionals continues to grow. Businesses need workers that can develop, manage, and repair the technology that has become vital to their success.


But just how important are IT jobs going to be in the near future? We’ve dug up some quick facts that will shine a light on the forecast for the IT job market.


  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the IT field is expected to grow 13 percent between 2016 and 2026. This growth is the fastest among all industry averages.
  • This growth is projected to add over 550,000 jobs to the market.
  • A recent list of top bachelor’s degree majors in demand, released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, includes three majors directly related to IT, including Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Information Sciences and Systems.
  • The World Economic Forum estimates that although the near future won’t see a sharp increase in job automation, the coming decades probably will. This could be particularly troublesome for IT professionals whose jobs could be easily automated by software programs or even artificial intelligence.
  • U.S. News’ 2019 list of the 100 best jobs takes into account things like job demand, advancement potential, work-life balance, opportunity, and good pay. The number one job on the list: Software Developer. Additionally, Computer Systems Analyst and IT Manager came in at numbers 27 and 28, respectively.
  • IT jobs that focus on mobile and cloud computing are particularly set up for future success. One source estimates that the employment growth outlook for Mobile Application Developers is over 30%, and the outlook for a Cloud Solutions Architect is about 12%. Either way, jobs that focus on these specific fields have a promising future.
  • As technology changes, demand for certain skill sets will change too. We already mentioned the potential growth for jobs in mobile and cloud niches, but technology is expanding in other ways, too. AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming more evolved, as are virtual reality experiences and products. Professionals with expertise in areas like these are likely to have no trouble finding a job in coming years.
  • As demand for IT jobs increases, it’s likely that IT professionals can expect an increase in pay as well. Glassdoor examined average pay for open tech positions within tech companies, and found that the highest average pay being offered, as of now, is for Software Engineering Managers.


These facts may give you a quick glance into the forecast for the IT job market, but no matter which side of the hiring process you’re on (that is, whether you’re an employer or and employee), it will benefit you to talk to staffing professionals about the best strategies for filling IT positions. Staffing companies like EDI Staffing can give you valuable insight into the trends surrounding the industry, for a more efficient way to find a job or fill an open position.

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