Top Tech Industry Trends for 2019


Technology continues to progress at an alarming rate. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest products and developments—much less stay ahead of the game. However, it’s important for businesses to stay informed, not only to keep their company from falling too far behind the times, but also to help them make plans for the future.

In this spirit, we’re revealing some of the top tech industry trends we’re seeing for 2019.


Rise of the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is complex (read our simple overview of the blockchain here if you’re lost), but it continues to grow in importance. The security that blockchain technology brings is going to be more important than ever this year and in the coming years, as more and more digital transactions containing sensitive information are processed.

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Focus on security.

Speaking of security, this is becoming a trend in and of itself in 2019.  Businesses and consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of data security, and of the repercussions security breaches can have. Because of this, the tech industry is going to need to take giant steps towards airtight security in order to keep user information safe.


Ethical practices.

Similarly, technology users are starting to realize that digital data can be used for good or for evil. One notable example of the latter is companies selling user information to various buyers. As practices such as these become more widely known, the demand for ethical practices within technology-based companies will increase. Expect to see a rise in popularity for companies, software, and applications that meet expected ethical standards.


“IOT” growth.

“IOT,” or the “Internet of things,” widely refers to Internet connectivity within everyday objects. “Smart” light switches, door locks, and thermostats are current examples that are becoming increasingly popular, especially as they are integrated with virtual assistant systems like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Not only will the IOT grow in popularity in 2019, but it’s very likely that we’ll start to see additions popping up as well, including a wider range of smart home appliances.


Continued development of AI.

AI (artificial intelligence) was once the stuff of science fiction, but in 2019, it’s very much a reality. While the autonomous robots all those sci-fi films warn us about may not yet be roaming the streets, AI is proving itself useful behind the scenes for certain tasks. As we learn more about how to effectively harness the power of AI, its popularity will only grow.


More VR and AR experiences.

Virtual and augmented reality continue to rise in popularity, and 2019 will see the growth continue. This is technology that continues to be improved and refined, creating more realistic experiences that offer applications for everything from entertainment to practical training. A quick note: this is one trend that will almost certainly see an increased demand for trained professionals, as the technology is relatively new and ever-evolving.


Your business may not have an immediate use for these trends, but it’s still important to be aware of them. Think about the impact that these trends might have on your business in the future—including the impact on your staffing needs—and you’ll be better equipped to meet the business world’s ever-increasing technological demands.

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