These Are the Most Difficult Positions to Fill in Tech Right Now


Hard to Fill Jobs


As the tech industry continues to grow, job options within the field evolve. Not only do new positions open up as new technology is introduced, but job descriptions change, responsibilities increase, and the importance of certain roles fluctuates.


Because of factors like these, along with low unemployment rates and fierce competition in the tech industry, there are certain jobs within the tech field that are harder for companies to fill with qualified professionals.


Here are the most difficult positions to fill in tech, based on our years of staffing experience in the industry.


Security specialists.

Security is a constant concern in the world of technology. As the possibilities of technology increase, so do the opportunities to exploit that technology for less noble purposes. Data breaches hurt a company’s image and reputation, so security specialists are of utmost importance for any company that utilizes technology. Along with increasing demand, another reason this position is so hard to fill is the specialized skill set required to stay ahead of possible security threats and to fix problems quickly, if and when they do occur.


Software architects.

Software architects are the masterminds behind how a piece of software works. They are largely in charge of coming up with ideas for the infrastructure and organization of a software product, and these “behind the scenes” responsibilities can have a huge impact on the final product. Talented software architects will be able to design products that are intuitive, useful, and technologically advanced. Plus, software architects usually have to take on some leadership roles as they guide the development process. This means they need to have high-level vision, leadership capabilities, and technical know-how, which is a pretty tall order.



If an architect designs the software, the developer is the one to implement those designs. Developers have to be technically talented, but also detail-oriented, precise, and efficient. Finding talented developers can be extremely difficult, especially if you need them to specialize in a certain subject or language (Java, .Net, software, etc.)


Mobile developers.

Mobile technology has increased in both popularity and capability, which has made the need for mobile developers skyrocket. Plus, more and more businesses are recognizing the power not just of having a great website, but a great app. As the need for great mobile developers continues to increase, it becomes harder to fill these positions.



DevOps refers to the practice of integrating development and operations departments for a more seamless delivery of software, applications, or services. The rift between these two departments has long caused problems with timelines and performance, and bringing the two together is more complicated that it may seem. It requires a new approach within both departments, pushing for more collaboration, automation, and ongoing testing of the product. Professionals with experience in DevOps can help their companies be more effective and efficient, but because DevOps is a relatively new concept, these professionals can be hard to come by.


When it comes to filling these hard-to-fill positions, it’s important to know what kind of person you’re looking for, what that person is worth to you, and how long you can feasibly wait to make the hire. In many cases, it’s extremely beneficial to use a staffing agency—particularly one with experience filling tech positions—to help you find the right fit.

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