4 Questions to Help You Decide if You Need a Staffing Agency


4 Questions | EDI Staffing

A staffing agency is a no-brainer for a lot of companies. After all, staffing agencies can help make the hiring process go quickly and smoothly and can get you a highly-qualified employee in the process. It’s the ultimate way to save time and money, while still getting the results your company needs.


For some companies, however, it’s not so cut and dry. They may be on the fence about hiring a staffing company, for one reason or another. If you’ve wondered if your company could benefit from working with a staffing agency on future hires, ask yourself these four questions to help make the decision a little easier.


Do we have a frequent need for temporary workers?

Staffing agencies are great for hiring full-time employees, of course, but they’re also fantastic for helping you find temporary, seasonal, or contract workers. In fact, it’s safe to say that a staffing agency would be your best bet at finding a temporary employee since they can fill positions quickly and can more easily find talented candidates who are willing to do temporary work. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by using a staffing agency to fill temporary positions.


Have we made hiring mistakes in the past?

Hiring is a very tricky business, and almost everyone makes a bad hire at some point. Staffing agencies can help you avoid common hiring mistakes by matching you with qualified candidates and guiding you through the hiring process. By narrowing your hiring pool and providing you with advice based on years of hiring experience, staffing agencies make the difficult job of hiring a little easier.

What does it cost us to hire someone?

Some people may balk at the cost of using a staffing agency. What those people don’t realize is that there is a cost to hiring, no matter how you do it. Perfecting your job ad, posting it to the right places, promoting it, and monitoring applications all take time, and that’s before you’ve even talked to a single candidate! Not to mention—turnover is expensive, and so is keeping positions unfilled. Anything you can do to hire quickly, or to help minimize the possibility of turnover, can potentially save you a lot of money.


Are we looking for something very specific with our next hire?

Do you need a candidate with a more unique skill set? Are all your usual candidates too similar to each other? Staffing agencies start with a wider pool of candidates and are able to target specific skills, qualities, or experience levels in their search. This means that they are able to reach candidates that you might not be able to access, making even those tricky hires more successful.


The idea of hiring a staffing agency may be intimidating, but it could also make all the difference in the success of your next hire. If you aren’t sure about working with a staffing agency, ask yourself these questions to help make the choice a little clearer. 

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