5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an HR Manager


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Human Resources is an important aspect of any company—big or small. Even companies that aren’t quite large enough to have an entire HR department still have to have someone managing Human Resources tasks like recruiting, hiring, managing compensation and benefits, and keeping the company compliant with current labor laws and regulations.


When a company is small, it’s possible for the company owner to handle some of these jobs, or for them to be outsourced to a contractor. However, there comes a time when it makes more sense to hire a full-time HR manager.


Here’s how you know that time has come.


1. When your staff is growing.

There’s no magic number of employees that automatically requires you to have an HR director or department. However, at some point, your company will have too many employees to be proficiently handled by someone who isn’t an HR specialist. While that number may differ from company to company, if you are at the point in your growth where your staff is separated into specialized departments, it’s a good indicator that the time has come for you to hire a dedicated HR employee.


2. When you start running into more complicated legal situations.

As your company grows, so does the number of laws you are subject to. For example, once your company employs 15 people, you are required to comply with certain discrimination laws. Failure to comply with any law you’re subject to could, obviously, lead to legal action. If your company is getting to the point where it’s difficult for you to keep track and stay 100% compliant, it may be time to bring on an HR manager.


3. When you’re having hiring or retention difficulties.

Do you have an open position that has been open for…a while? Do you find that your new hires don’t tend to stick around very long? Are you having trouble attracting the right kind of people to your company, whether in terms of skills or culture? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there may be some serious HR problems lying beneath the surface. An HR professional may be able to help you identify and rectify those problems before they become even more serious. 


4. When you simply don’t have time to manage the HR yourself.

Many owners of small companies take on the majority of HR tasks themselves. The problem is: that small business owners are also busy with all the other tasks that fall to them on a daily basis. If HR tasks keep getting put off, or if you find that you need to prioritize other things over your HR duties, it’s time to consider hiring full-time help.


5. When you’re ready to offer more benefits.

You want to take care of your employees and make them feel appreciated. You want to pay them fairly and offer competitive benefits. But do you know what kinds of benefits would attract the people you want to hire? Are you aware of the ramifications of setting up new benefits systems? Do you know how to manage these more modern perks (e.g. tracking work time when working from home, offering the right healthcare benefits, etc.)? An HR professional can help you know when it’s time to offer more benefits, what benefits will be most attractive to your staff, and how you can put your plans in place effectively. 


Hiring a full-time HR manager can be a daunting prospect, but if any of these signs are showing up in your company, then it’s definitely time! A great HR manager can help take your company to the next level, so what are you waiting for? 


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