What it Takes to Be a Great Talent Acquisition Leader


The role of “talent acquisition leader” is becoming ever more important in today’s job market. As employers learn the true value of hiring the right people and building strong teams, they realize that the best way to hire top talent is by utilizing top talent. That’s why great talent acquisition leaders—the ones who find and recruit new talent—are in such high demand.


Whether you are looking for your company’s next talent acquisition leader, or you are trying to become a great talent acquisition leader yourself, it’s important to know the qualities and skills that these valuable leaders should have.


Here’s a quick look at what it takes to be a great talent acquisition leader.


Be forward thinking.

Part of the value a talent acquisition leader can bring is that they can help find employees that will be with the company long-term. This helps reduce turnover (which is costly and time-consuming) while also setting the company up for future success and strong leadership.


But to hire for the future, a talent acquisition leader needs to think about where things are going, rather than just where they are right now. They need to look for employees that not only have the necessary skill sets, but that will also help maintain and expand the culture. As such, they need to be willing to get involved in strategic discussions so that they are hiring future company leaders, not just filling open positions.


Be strategic, creative, and innovative.

Not only do they need to be involved in the strategy of the company, but talent acquisition leaders also need to get strategic about actual hiring and recruiting processes. They should stay on top of the latest trends, tools, and technological advances in the field, and should be able to plan and execute modern, effective strategies.


They also need to be willing to instigate and embrace change, when and where it is needed.


Be a leader.

A talent acquisition leader is not a one-person show. Rather, they are the leader of a team. As such, they should exemplify everything the company stands for, not only to potential recruits but also within their own ranks.


Talent acquisition leaders should also be looking to develop their own teams. They should be encouraging, motivating, and in-tune with their teams’ needs, strengths, and weaknesses. They should be able to delegate effectively.


Be a “people” person.

Great talent acquisition leaders understand and appreciate people. They know that above all else, relationships matter. They value the input and opinions of others. They prioritize open, honest, and frequent communication. And they continually monitor the interpersonal dynamics within their team and the company as a whole to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible. 


Not only that, but they need to make sure that anyone applying to work at the company has a positive experience as well. Maintaining a good reputation outside of the company should be a priority for anyone in the recruiting or hiring fields.


A great talent acquisition leader can be a tremendous asset to any company. One that has the above qualities is more likely to do a standout job and help you develop successful, effective teams, both now and in the future. 


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