5 Places to Look for IT Jobs



You may be searching for a job in tech, but are you looking in the right places? The places you look make a considerable difference in the time you spend searching and the quality of the jobs you find. 


Here are 5 top places to look for tech-related jobs:




LinkedIn is more than the ideal place to find an IT job. It is a professional space where you can join groups of similar interests, follow industry influencers, and network with decision-makers. It increases your visibility as a job seeker, building your professional brand and providing assessments and courses to expand your skills displayed to hiring managers. LinkedIn allows you to follow companies, hashtags, newsletters, and more, to keep up with the latest trends in an ever-evolving field. Take advantage of their job board by setting alerts, preparing for interviews, and applying for jobs in just a few clicks. 




Dice is a wonderful job board for finding niche jobs in tech. It provides top-of-the-line insights, data, and career opportunities with leading tech employers across the U.S. As you learn about what’s new in tech, you can filter your job search by title, skill, category, and popular searches. Dice offers custom job alerts and career insights within your portal for a simplified yet optimal process. Recently, Dice incorporated career development resources to help you level up your career and skills. 




Fun fact, Monster was one of the first job sites! Whether you are just starting out or have several years of experience, Monster is an excellent option for those looking to advance their IT career. Monster provides salary tools, career advice, and a hub for students and graduates who are newly entering the workforce. It also has a free “Job Fit” scoring feature showing jobs most relevant to your skills and interests. 




ZipRecruiter has a user-friendly interface. This job board is for someone who appreciates the efficiency of technology and enjoys being proactive. ZipRecruiter uses sophisticated AI technology to quickly and effortlessly guide your search for the right job within your desired salary range and interest. 


Company Websites


It’s easy to select the first site you come across, but another way to find the IT job you’re interested in is by checking out the career pages of organizations you’d like to work for. Want to work for a top tech company like Salesforce, Microsoft, or Adobe? Check out the career pages on their website.


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It’s tough to pick a favorite, but a combination of all of these helps you cover more bases, increasing your chances of being noticed by an employer. Remember to create, update, and optimize your resume and professional social profiles. Soon enough, you’ll be setting up interviews–good luck!


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