EDI Staffing: Celebrating 29 Years of Growth & Success


29 Years | EDI Staffing

This month, we are proudly celebrating 29 years in business! We are filled with gratitude, growth, and reflection as we progress into our 30th year of staffing and recruiting. 


Here are some highlights of our growth over the years:


1994: EDI Specialists Inc. was Founded

In December of 1994, Joe Gilbody founded EDI Specialists Inc.

It was through his experience with Rowenta, Inc. and the Stride Rite Corporation, that Joe realized the value of inter-company data exchanges. He saw the potential in forming his own company and began providing top-notch electronic data interchange (EDI) professionals to clients from the front porch of his home.


1995 – 2007: From Porch to House to Office!

Only one and a half years later, EDI Specialists Inc. expanded into the rest of Joe’s house – and his family relocated. It wasn’t until 1997 that EDI Specialists Inc. bought its first official 20,000-square-foot office building on Bellows Road in Raynham, MA. 

From the early to mid-2000s, EDI Specialists Inc. continued to expand and recorded an impressive growth of about 30-40% year over year. During this time, EDI Specialists Inc. attended conferences like Uconnect and GS1 where we would meet most of our early clients.

In 2007, EDI Specialists Inc. expanded its expertise and began offering non-EDI staffing solutions within information technology – despite some objections. Our idea of adding IT service offerings was a pivotal move for the company and has been to this day.


2011: American Staffing Association

In 2011, EDI Specialists, Inc. became the newest member of the American Staffing Association (ASA), a trade organization representing the U.S. staffing industry. We are proud to be associated with such a prestigious and highly esteemed organization that provides a wide range of employment services and solutions. Upon becoming part of ASA, Joe believed that joining helped demonstrate our “intention to provide our clients and consultants with additional resources so that we may all continue to grow and prosper.”

In addition to joining the ASA in 2011, our blog “EDI Nation” was born. EDI Nation is written by our very own experts with the intent to keep job seekers and hiring managers up to date on the latest tips and trends across all of our service-offering areas. 


2013: Referral Program

In 2013, we created and announced our referral program! Today, you can still refer a job or refer talent for a cash bonus.


2014: EDI Specialists Inc. Becomes EDI Staffing

Since 1994, we have continued to expand our service offerings as well as launched additional brands to cover different areas of business. In 2014, rather than have a different name for each of our new offerings, we thought it would be fitting to turn EDI Specialists Inc. into what we know today as EDI Staffing.


2018: Staffing HR & Admin Positions

In 2018, we added human resources and administrative positions to our staffing services. We can now help find work and hire talent for: 

  • • Chief HR Officer/VP of HR
  • • HR Director
  • • HR Manager
  • • Compensation and Benefits
  • • Training and Development
  • • HR Generalist
  • • HR Consultant
  • • HR Compliance
  • • Labor Relations
  • • Talent Acquisition
  • • Recruiting


2019: Staffing Recruiters

In 2019, we announced the opening of a new recruiting services division where we can also help companies find and hire:

  • • Recruiters
  • • Technical recruiters
  • • Talent acquisition specialists
  • • Sourcing specialists
  • • Contract recruiters
  • • Talent acquisition coordinators
  • • Recruitment managers
  • • HR staffing specialists


2020: Recognized in Forbes & Began Staffing in Finance

In July of 2020, we were recognized as one of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms by Forbes and Statista. Out of 22,500+ recruiting agencies in the United States, only 138 firms were selected. America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms is comprised of the best recruiting agencies based on the results of independent surveys involving over 26,500 recruiters and 5,400 job candidates and hiring managers.

In 2020, we also started offering staffing solutions for positions across finance and accounting:

  • • Accounts Payable Specialists 
  • • Accountants 
  • • Accounting Assistants 
  • • Accounting Clerks 
  • • Accounts Receivable Specialists 
  • • Billing Clerks 
  • • Bookkeepers 
  • • Controllers 
  • • CFO 
  • • Financial Analysts



Today, EDI Staffing has grown exponentially, with staff and clients across the nation, including hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies. Our service offerings have expanded beyond EDI to include: 

  • • EDI, EAI,& AI 
  • • Finance & Accounting 
  • • HR & Administration
  • • Engineering 
  • • Sales 
  • • Nursing & More!


As we celebrate our remarkable 29-year journey, we’re deeply grateful for the evolution from a niche, home-based startup to a nationwide powerhouse in various staffing solutions. Our commitment to growth and innovation has expanded our services far beyond EDI, fostering enduring partnerships and a diverse range of offerings to meet the dynamic needs of today’s workforce.


29 years of expertise and growth.

Thank you to all who have made it possible!


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